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Arca imbricata Bruguière, 1789

Arcoidea : Arcidae

Tebble name:
Smith & Heppell name:

To size: To 65 mm. Shell Structure: Thin, robust. Equivalve: Equivalve. Equilateral: Inequilateral, beaks to anterior. Tumidity: Tumid. Outline: Elongated boat-shaped. Ridge/keel running fromumbo to ventral posterior point. Can appear slightly twisted. Byssal gape is fairly wide. Clear from one valve as the ventral margin is indented.

Sculpture: Radial ribs and concentric ridges, giving a radial beadlet sculpture. Margin: Slightly crenulated margin – an extension of the sculpture. Ligament: Duplivincular, diamond shaped as viewed from above. In large specimens it becomes very elongated but does not run the entire length of the dentition. Hinge: Taxodont. Numerous identical tiny teeth set on a thin hinge plate. Pallial Musculature: Anterior adductor round, slightly smaller than posterior, which is oval. Periostracum: Brown, thick, sometimes covers the shell (giving its common name of Mossy Ark). Colour: Dirty white internally. External dirty white to brown. Sometimes brown covers posterior half of shell.

Distribution & Ecology

Native range from North Carolina through the Caribbean to Brazil attached to rocks in shallow waters.

In Britain and Ireland it has been found in Sennen, Cornwall.

Depth Range

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Listed are literature citing Arca imbricata Bruguière, 1789. Reference containing the species Type Description is highlighted.

Bruguière, J.G. 1789-1792. Encylopédie méthodique ou par ordre de matières. Histoire naturelle des vers volume 1. Paris: Pancoucke. i-xviii, 1-344.


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