This website is a work in progress and only a small proportion of taxa have been added so far. Please also use our colleagues’ publications for your identifications.

There is currently no glossary.
Please use : http://westerndiatoms.colorado.edu/glossary
We have also used terminology in Barber H.G., Haworth E.Y. 1981. A Guide to the Morphology of the Diatom Frustule. Freshwater Biological Association 44, 112 pp.

Updates will also be posted from January 2017 on:

Date Update
28/02/2018 The following taxa were uploaded: the genera Bacillaria and Platessa; the species Bacillaria paxillifera, Platessa conspicua, Gomphonema exilissimum, Nitzschia tabellaria and Pinnularia grunowii. New SEM images were uploaded for Achnanthidium nanum and A. eutrophilum. New live images were uploaded for the genera Amphora, Melosira, Nitzschia and Surirella.
27/11/2017 The following species were uploaded: Eunotia triodon, Fragilaria mesolepta, Fragilaria rumpens and Nitzschia linearis.
25/10/2017 The following species were uploaded: Reimeria uniseriata, Achnanthidium neomicrocephalum. New SEM photos were uploaded for Diatoma elongatum, Diatoma moniliforme, Diatoma problematica, Diatoma tenuis, Diatoma vulgaris, Didymosphenia geminata. New live images were uploaded for the genus Diatoma and for Navicula lanceolata and Navicula tripunctata.
11/08/2017 The following species were uploaded today: Eunotia seminulum, Brachysira serians and Brachysira wygaschii. New SEM photos were uploaded for Achnanthidium atomoides, Achnanthidium daonense and Ctenophora pulchella.
11/08/2017 A workshop on centric diatom species was held at the Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London, on 27 July 2017. We started investigations on selected species which are common in lakes using archive material held at the Department of Geography.
21/04/2017 Several new live photographs taken by Chris Carter have been added for the genera Asterionella, Cymatopleura, Encyonema, Eunotia, Frustulia, Gomphonema, Navicula, Nitzschia, Pinnularia and Surirella. Additional references are listed for Eunotia, Surirella, Ulnaria, Cyclotella and Didymosphenia. The following species were uploaded today: Eunotia bidentula, E. implicata, E. intermedia, Encyonema brevicapitatum, Frustulia crassinervia, and Navicula cryptocephala. An ecology tab is now present for species for which information has been added.
21/12/2016 Launch of the Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland website with 191 taxa on winter solstice 2016.
31/01/2014 Gomphonema varioreduncum Jüttner, Ector, Reichardt, Van de Vijver & Cox; 2013 has been added to the database for testing.


First meeting in Cardiff on 8 March 2011 to discuss the project idea ‘Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland’.
First workshop in Cardiff 15-17 July 2015 to write descriptions and collate references.