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Galeommatoidea (500 - 5000m)

RV with single anterior and posterior radiating "lateral" flanges widely separated by ligament inserted into the umbonal cavity, no obvious resilifer. Left valve with lateral teeth as extensions of the dorsal margins
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Hinge with a cardinal peg in at least one valve
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Shell transversely subovate, posterior subtruncate not markedly narrower than anterior. RV teeth proportionately small diverging ca. 90°
Kurtiella pellucida
Shell obliquely subovate, posterior narrowly rounded, markedly narrower than anterior
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RV teeth diverging ca. 110° (upper slope, shelf edge)
Kurtiella tumidula
RV teeth diverging ca. 90° (upper slope, shelf edge)
Kurtiella ovata
Obliquely ovate to subovate shells, lacking posterior lateral teeth
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Minute oval shells, single cardinal, anterior and posterior lateral teeth present in RV
Draculamya porobranchiata
Obliquely oval, radially striated, attached to spines of Spatangus and Echinocardium
Montacuta substriata
Subovate, L>H
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Posterior margin rounded, anterior expanded
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Posterior margin obliquely truncated, anterior narrower than posterior
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Swollen anteriorly, high at anterior dorsal margin, abyssal attached to Pourtalesia
Syssitomya pourtalesiana
Anterior a little broader than posterior, sloping away at anterior dorsal margin, abyssal attached to Aeropsis
Kelliola symmetros
Anterior dorsal margin concave, microscopically radially striated
Scacchia tenera
Anterior dorsal margin sloping, lacking microsculpture
Scacchia sp.
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