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Ligament both external and internal, internal part on a well defined chondrophore
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Ligament external, some juveniles with an internal portion but this not on a defined chondrophore
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Roundly oval shells lacking lateral teeth
Scrobicularia plana
Trigonal to elongate oval shell with lateral teeth
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Thin white shells with a posteriorly directed chondrophore, pallial sinus very deep extending beyond the midline = Abra
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Robust, donaciform, coloured shells with a wide shallow chondrophore, pallial sinus not extending to beyond midline
Ervilia castanea
Outline trigonal (H=L)
Abra tenuis
Outline subovate to elongate ovate (L>H)
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Posterior distinctly acute compared to rounded anterior
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Posterior narrower than anterior but not acute
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Elongate ovate with beaks well towards the posterior
Abra prismatica
Ovate to subovate beaks just behind the midline or close to midline
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Short area behind beaks depressed
Abra nitida
Posterior dorsal area not depressed, dorsal margins finely denticulate (abyssal)
Abra profundorum
Shell with commarginal lines and growth stops (shelf)
Abra alba
Shell with commarginal lines and faint radial striations (continental margin & upper slope)
Abra longicallus
Elongate oblong shells gaping a both ends = Solecurtidae
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Subovate to narrowly subovate, not gaping
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Sculpture of commarginal lines and growth stops only, ventral margin slightly concave
Azorinus chamasolen
Sculpture of oblique riblets over commarginal lines and undulations
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Dorsal and ventral margins parallel, anterior and posterior equally broad
Solecurtus candidus
Dorsal margins sloping gently, posterior narrower than anterior
Solecurtus scopula
Narrowly subovate shells with a crenulate or serrate inner margin = Donacidae
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Inner margins smooth
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Inner margin crenulate, external with radiating lines
Donax vittatus
Inner margin weakly denticulate, external with commarginal lines only
Donax variegata
Hinge with cardinal and lateral teeth
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Hinge lacking lateral teeth
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Subovate, with prominent commarginal ridges and weaker radial riblets
Tellina serrata
Subcircular to narrowly subovate shells with commarginal sculpture only
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Subcircular shells
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Subovate shells
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Sculpture of smooth commarginal ridges, pallial sinus developed equally in both valves
Arcopagia crassa
Sculpture of thin widely spaced commarginal raised threads, pallial sinus in RV half the depth of that in LV
Arcopella balaustina
RV anterior lateral prominent close to the beaks, posterior lateral indistinct
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RV anterior and posterior laterals prominent
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RV with oblique radial microsculpture
Tellina fabula
Valves lacking oblique microsculpture
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Posterior subrostrate, kinked, pallial sinus separated from anterior adductor scar by width of anterior adductor scar
Tellina incarnata
Posterior subacute, not kinked, pallial sinus almost touching anterior adductor scar
Tellina tenuis
Beaks very close to posterior, posterior bluntly rounded, secondary internal ligament may persist in adult. Mostly uniform
Tellina pygmaea
Beaks close to the posterior posterior subacute, often colour rayed
Tellina donacina
Subovate to trigonal shells posterior shorter or narrower than anterior
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Elongate oval to oblong shells length twice or more than height, anterior and posterior roughly equal in extent or curvature
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Subovate, posterior subacute extended in adults, sculpture of commarginal raised ridges and delicate radial striations
Gastrana fragilis
Subovate to trigonal, posterior subacute to subtruncate, commarginal sculpture only
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Shells trigonal (H=L) [Arctic]
Macoma torelli
Shells subovate (L>H)
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Shells broadly subovate, posterior subacute, pallial sinus confluent with pallial line, pallial sinus same size in each valve
Macoma balthica
Shells subovate to roundly subovate, pallial sinus partly confluent with pallial line, pallial sinus discrepant. [Subarctis /Arctic)
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Shell oval, posterior slope short. posterior broadly rounded
Macoma loveni
Shell subovate, posterior slope long, posterior distinctly narrower than anterior
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Posterior subacute, exterior chalky, periostracum dull
Macoma calcarea
Posterior roundly pointed, periostracum shiny
Macoma moesta
Posterior margin obliquely truncate, posterior area set off by sharp ridge
Gari fervensis
Posterior margin rounded to bluntly rounded
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Posterior area with prominent radial riblets, remainder commarginal only
Gari costulata
Posterior lacking radial riblets
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Anterior and posterior dorsal margins sloping, posterior and and anterior equally rounded
Gari tellinella
Posterior dorsal margin almost straight, posterior margin more broadly rounded than anterior
Gari depressa