ID Keys
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Beaks central
Pharus legumen
Beaks close to the anterior
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Dorsal margin straight, ventral margin curved, anterior rounded
Phaxas pellucidus
Both margins straight or curved
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Both margins straight
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Both margins curved
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Anterior margin with a distinct sulcus
Solen marginatus
Anterior margin lacking a sulcus
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Posterior aperture oval in profile, articulated valves have dorsal edges parallel
Ensis siliqua
Posterior aperture lozenge shaped in profile, articulated valves have dorsal edges diverging
Ensis minor
Pallial sinus S-shaped, valves relatively broad (L:B = 6:1)
Ensis directus
Pallial sinus U-shaped, valves relatively narrow (L:B ≥ 8:1)
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Valves weakly curved, (L:B = 8:1)
Ensis magnus
Valves strongly curved, narrow (L:B ≥ 8.5:1)
Ensis ensis