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Hiatelloidea & Basterotiidae

Beaks close to the midline
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Beaks towards the anterior
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Outline elongate oval, hinge teeth rudimentary, periostracum persistent dark brown to black [Arctic]
Cyrtodaria kurriana
Outline subquadrate with a median sulcus, gaping widely, single cardinal in LV
Panomya norvegica
Shell initially biangulate posteriorly with 2 radial ridges but becoming eroded, LV with 2 small cardinal teeth
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Shell not biangulate, hinge with a single cardinal peg or lacking teeth
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Boring into calcareous rocks, posterior radial angles lacking spines
Hiatella rugosa
Nestling in crevices, posterior radial angles persistent often bearing short hollow spines
Hiatella arctica
RV with a single flange-like cardinal, posterior angle rounded
Saxicavella jeffreysi
Hinge lacking teeth, posterior angle subacute
Atopomya dolobrata