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Xylophaga gagei Harvey, 1996

Pholadoidea : Xylophagaidae

Tebble name: n/a
Smith & Heppell name: n/a

To size: To 6mm. Shell Structure: Thin, fragile. Mesoplax of 2 elongate triangular plates. Equivalve: Equivalve. Equilateral: Inequilateral, beaks in front of midline. Tumidity: Globular. Outline: Oval almost circular, umbos projecting above posterior margin, posterior broadly rounded, gaping; anterior beaked with a wide pedal gape forming an obtusely angled cut away section. Contour: Anterior slope small but prominent demarcated by a ridge.

Sculpture: Shell divided by a narrow sulcus running vertically from beak to ventral margin and weakly angulate either side of sulcus; posterior area with co-marginal lines; anterior area with about 20 serrated oblique ridges; anterior lobe with similar ridges but oriented parallel with upper edge of pedal gape. Ligament: Internal supported by a small chondrophore in the LV. Hinge: Umbonal reflection slight. Pallial Musculature: Posterior adductor scar large, oval. Colour: Shell dirty white.

Distribution & Ecology

Known only from submerged wood taken from bathyal and upper abyssal depths off the west coast of Scotland, 1370-2195 m.

Depth Range
Bathyal (500 - 2000m)
Abyssal Rise (2000 - 4000m)

Additional Information & Related Species

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Listed are literature citing Xylophaga gagei Harvey, 1996. Reference containing the species Type Description is highlighted.

Harvey R 1996. Deep water Xylophagaidae (Pelecypoda: Pholadacea) from the North Atlantic with descriptions of three new species. Journal of Conchology. 35: 473-481.


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