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Encyonema minutum (Hilse) D.G. Mann; 1990; 667


Cymbella minuta Hilse in Rabenhorst 1862

Key references


Valves cymbelloid with convex dorsal margin, straight ventral margin, and rounded, sometimes very slightly protracted ends.


Striae slighty radiate dorsally, ventrally slightly radiate in the central section, becoming parallel or slightly convergent towards the poles.

Axial area
Narrow, straight.

Central area
Not differentiated from the axial area.

Appears straight, displaced towards the ventral margin, with slightly expanded, slightly dorsally bent proximal endings, and short ventrally deflected terminal fissures near the poles.

SEM morphology
Areolae apically elongate. The external areola openings adjacent to the proximal raphe ends round.


References are given in chronological order.

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