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Epithemia sorex Kützing; 1844; 33

Key references

Hofmann G., Werum M., Lange-Bertalot H. 2011. Diatomeen im Süßwasser-Benthos von Mitteleuropa. A.R.G. Gantner, Ruggell. 908 pp


Strongly convex dorsal margin, concave ventral margin; rostrate ends.

Dorsiventral, isopolar.

Punctate, radiate.

Axial area
Narrow, biarcuate, bending towards and terminating often close to the dorsal margin.

Not visible in LM.

SEM morphology
Biseriate striae with external areola openings c-shaped, occluded by round flaps. Striae extend onto the mantle interrupted by a narrow hyaline area along the dorsal valve margin.

Raphe curved towards the dorsal margin with small drop-shaped ends. Ventrally the distal raphe sections continue along the valve margin.

Several girdle bands.


References are given in chronological order.

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