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Cocconeis pseudolineata (Geitler) Lange-Bertalot; 2004; 133


Cocconeis placentula var. pseudolineata Geitler 1927

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Elliptic with slightly pointed broad apices; raphe valve concave, rapheless valve convex, slightly flexed in girdle view.

Isopolar, bilaterally symmetrical.

Frustules heterovalvar, one valve with raphe, one valve without raphe.

Raphe valve with striae comprising dot-like areolae, slightly radiate at centre, becoming more radiate towards the apices, interrupted near margin by siliceous ridge;
rapheless valve with striae formed by larger round to transapically elongate areolae, slightly radiate at valve centre, becoming more radiate towards the apices, areolae appear sunken and the intervening thicker vimines form irregular longitudinal lines.

Axial area
On the raphe valve straight, narrow linear extending to the marginal ridge; on the rapheless valve slightly wider linear area ending just before the apices.

Central area
On raphe valve small circular; absent on rapheless valve.

Straight, with slightly expanded, closely positioned proximal endings; terminal endings straight, ending on the marginal ridge.


References are given in chronological order.

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