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Reimeria ovata (Hustedt) Levkov & Ector; 2010; 479


Cymbella sinuata var. ovata Hustedt 1922

Key references

Levkov Z., Ector L. 2010. A comparative study of Reimeria species (Bacillariophyceae). Nova Hedwigia. 90, 3-4: 469-489.


14-30 µm long, 6-8 µm wide (Levkov & Ector 2010).

Valves linear-lanceolate with slightly protracted broadly rounded to slightly truncated poles. Weakly convex dorsal and ventral margins, the latter with slight central inflation.

Dorsiventral, isopolar.

Striae slightly radiate, becoming more strongly radiate near poles on dorsal side.

Central area
Central area a broad, unilateral fascia extending to ventral margin, small area dorsally bordered by a shortened stria. One stigma located between proximal raphe endings.

Raphe slightly lateral with tear drop-shaped central pores; distal fissures ventrally curved, extending onto mantle.

SEM morphology
Striae biseriate with C-shaped areola openings.


References are given in chronological order.

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