Taxon Account

Cyclostephanos dubius (Fricke) Round; 1982; 326

Key references

Håkansson H. 2002. A compilation and evaluation of species in the genera Stephanodiscus, Cyclostephanos and Cyclotella with a new genus in the family Stephanodiscaceae. Diatom Research. 17(1): 1-139.


3-35 µm in diameter (Houk et al. 2014).

Cells singular or forming chains. Cells cylindrical in girdle view, circular in valve view.

Valve strongly concentrically undulate with convex or concave central part.

Radiate fascicles, multiseriate with 2-4 areolae at valve face/mantle junction, becoming uniseriate towards valve centre. Interfascicles 8-12 in 10 µm (Houk et al. 2014). Central area with random arrangement of areolae.

Other features
Conical spines located on interfascicles at valve face/mantle junction.

SEM morphology
A ring of marginal fultoportulae on valve mantle, one to several valve face fultoportulae. One rimoportula situated on valve mantle.


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