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Denticula elegans (Kützing) Frenguelli; 1929; 391

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Linear or very slightly linear-lanceolate with rounded or slightly cuneate poles. Occasionally very slightly heteropolar.

Isopolar, bilaterally symmetrical.

Parallel and clearly punctate, uniseriate.

Axial area
Undetectable in LM

Central area

Not visible in LM; its presence can be detected by the much more obvious subraphe canal located beneath the raphe. Since the raphe and subraphe canal are highly eccentric, being located at the junction getween the valve face and mantle; the subraphe canal lis detectable as a marked longitudinal line running parallel to the valve margin.

In a frustule, the raphe systems of the two valves lie on opposite sides ('nitzschioid symmetry').

The raphe is not interrupted at the centre, the raphe slit being continuous from pole to pole

Other features
Fibulae extend into prominent partitions, traversing the valve from one margin to the other, appearing as dark bars ('costae') in the light microscope.

The girdle contains half-bands (i.e. bands that run from one pole to the other, rather than being continuous around one pole and split at the other). The most advalvar half-bands (the two that together comprise the valvocopula) interlock with the transverse valve partitions, appearing to form caps over them in girdle views (see Figure)..


References are given in chronological order.

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