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Navicula subalpina E.Reichardt; 1988; 241

Key references

Reichardt E. 1988. Neue Diatomeen aus Bayerischen und Nordtiroler Alpenseen. Diatom Research. 3(2): 237-244.


20-52 µm long, 5-7 cm wide (Lange-Bertalot 2001).

Valves lanceolate with subrostrate ends.

Isopolar, bilaterally symmetrical.

Striae radiate and curved in the central part of the valve, convergent near the poles. Areolae discernable to some degree in LM, ca. 35 in 10 µm (Reichardt 1988).

Axial area
Narrow linear.

Central area
Small, irregular, bordered by shortened striae of different length, 11-17 in 10 µm.

Straight, filiform, central pores placed close to each other.


References are given in chronological order.

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