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Eunotia iatrianensis Foged; 1970; 180

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12-14 µm long, 2.5-3.0 µm wide (UK population), 11-14 µm long, 3-4.5 µm wide (Lange-Bertalot et al. 2011).

Valves arcuate with strongly convex dorsal margin, slightly concave ventral margin and small, protracted, capitate poles.

Dorsiventral, isopolar.

Radiate, 20-22 in 10 µm (UK population), 15-21 in 10 µm (Lange-Bertalot et al. 2011), shorter striae sometimes intercalated at dorsal margin.

Raphe located on mantle close to valve face/mantle junction, short terminal fissures curving onto valve face near apices, terminating approximately in centre of poles.


References are given in chronological order.

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