This lists all the original descriptions of the taxa represented by the type specimens on this website. Where the same specimens have subsequently been figured or cited we have endeavoured to list these publications too.

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Abbot, R. T., 1960
The genus Strombus in the Indo-Pacific. 1(2). Indo-Pacific Mollusca. 33-146pp
Species cited
Abbot, R. T., 1968
The Helmet shells of the world (Cassidae). Part 1. 2(9). Indo-Pacific Mollusca. 7-201pp
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Adams, H., 1866
Descriptions of a new genus and some new species of Mollusks. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1865: 753-755
Adams, H., 1869
Descriptions of a new genus and fourteen new species of marine shells. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1869(2): 272-275
Adams, H., 1872a
Further descriptions of new species of shells collected by Robert MacAndrew Esq., in the Red Sea. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1872(1): 9-12
Species cited
Adams, H., 1872b
Descriptions of fourteen new species of land and marine shells. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1872(1): 12-15
Agüera García, A. & Oliver, P. G., 2008
Species discrimination in seven species of Barbatia (Bivalvia: Arcoidea) from Thailand with redescription of B. grayana (Dunker, 1858). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. 18: 7-23
Species cited
Alderson, E. G. , 1925
Studies in Ampullaria. W. Heffer & Sons Ltd, Cambridge, London. i-xx, 1-102pp
Ancey, C. M. F., 1882b
Coquilles nouvelles ou peu connues. Le Naturaliste. 2, 1e Serie, 4e Annee (8): 59-60
Ancey, C. M. F., 1882d
Sur la faune conchyliologique terrestre du pays des Somalis. Naturalista Siciliano. 1(9): 205-207
Ancey, C. M. F., 1883
Sur les Mollusques des parties centrales de l'Asie (Chine et Thibet) récoltés par M. r l'abbé A. David. Naturalista Siciliano. 2(9): 209-212
Ancey, C. M. F., 1884c
Descriptions de deux espèces nouvelles d'Helix du Thibet. Le Naturaliste. 2, 1e Serie, 6e Annee (61): 485
Species cited
Ancey, C. M. F., 1885
Nouvelles contributions malacologiques. I. Sur divers Mollusques de l'Empire Chinois. II. Sur différentes espèces africaines. Bulletins de la Societe Malacologique de France. 2: 113-156
Species cited
Ancey, C. M. F., 1886d
Supplément à l'Essai monographique sur les Buliminus de l'Asie centrale Russe et de l'Afghanistan. Bulletins de la Societe Malacologique de France. 3: 329-339
Species cited
Ancey, C. M. F., 1888a
Sur une curieuse forme du Bulimulus angiostomus (Mollusques Gastéropode). Le Naturaliste. 2, 2e Serie, 10e Annee (20): 14-15
Ancey, C. M. F., 1892d
On some shells from Eastern Bolivia and Western Brazil. Journal of Conchology. 7(3&4): 90-97
Species cited
Ancey, C. M. F., 1897b
On two new species of Amphidromus. The Nautilus. 11(6): 62-63
Species cited
Ancey, C. M. F., 1898a
Description of a new Helix. The Nautilus. 12(2): 21-22
Species cited
Ancey, C. M. F., 1898b
IV. Notes malacologiques. A. Observations sur les Mollusques terrestres et fluviatiles recueillis dans l'lndo-Chine et particulierement au Laos, par M. Henri Counillon, accompagnées de remarques sur d'autres mollusques de cette région, par C.-F. Ancey. B. Descriptions d'espèces nouvelles du Centre de l'Afrique. C. Notes sur quelques coupes génériques ou sous-génériques de Mollusques. D. Description d'un Mollusque méditerranéen nouveau. Bulletin du Musee d'Histoire Naturelle de Marseille. 1, Series II: 125-150
Species cited
Ancey, C. M. F., 1900
Description of a land shell from South America. The Nautilus. 14(4): 42
Species cited
Ancey, C. M. F., 1901
Notes sur divers Mollusques de l'Amérique du Sud accompagnées de descriptions d'espèces nouvelles. Le Naturaliste. 15, 2e Serie, 23e Annee (338): 81-82
Ancey, C. M. F., 1903
New land snails from South America. The Nautilus. 17(7): 82-83
Ancey, C. M. F., 1904d
Notes critiques et synonymiques. Journal de Conchyliologie. 52(4): 288-316
Anderson, R., 2004
Arion occultus n. sp., a new slug of subgenus Kobeltia Seibert (Pulmonata: Arionidae) from Ireland. Journal of Conchology. 38(4): 341-353
Badcock, E. C., 1981
Hawaii's Cypraea rashleighana Melvill and the collector for whom it was named. Hawaiian Shell News. 29(6): 3
Bank, R. & Neubert, E., 1998
Notes on Buliminidae, 5. On the systematic position of Arabian Buliminidae (Gastropoda Pulmonata), with description of a new Genus. Basteria. 61: 73–84
Species cited
Bavay, A., 1904
Descriptions de quelques nouvelles especes du genre Pecten et retifications. Journal de Conchyliologie. 52(3): 197-206
Beddome, R. H., 1908
Descriptions of Labyrinthus euclausus and Neocyclotus belli n.spp., from Colombia. Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London. 8: 20-21
Bernardi, A. C., 1861
Diagnose d'un Cone nouveau. Journal de Conchyliologie. 9(3): 285-286
Species cited
Bouchet, P. & Waren, A., 1986
Revision of the northeast Atlantic bathyal and abyssal Aclididae, Eulimidae, Epitoniidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda). Bollettino Malacologico. Sup. 2: 299-576
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Revision of the northeast Atlantic bathyl and abyssal Mesogastropoda. Bollettino Malacologico. Sup. 3: 577-840
Breure, A. S. H., Audibert, C. & Ablett, J. D., 2018
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Broderip, W. J., 1836
Descriptions of some shells apparently not hitherto recorded. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 4(40), 1836: 43-45
Species cited
Broderip, W. J. & Sowerby, G. B. (1st), 1832
Characters and descritions of new species of Mollusca and Conchifera collected by Mr Cuming. Proceedings of the Committee of Science and Correspondence of the Zoological Society of London. 2(16), 1832: 25-33
Buijse, J. A., Dekker, H. & Verbinnen, G., 2013
On the identity of Casmaria species (Gastropoda, Cassidae) with descriptions of two new species. Acta Conchyliorum Monographien. 14: 1-93
Cate, C. N., 1973
A systematic revision of the recent Cypraeid family Ovulidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Veliger. 15, sup.: 1-116
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A review of the Eratoidea. Veliger. 19(3): 341-366
Caudwell, C. M., Jones, A. M. & Killeen, I. J., 1995
Three Solenogastres from the Irish Sea, new to the British marine area. Journal of Conchology. 35(3): 257-269
Cernohorsky, W. O., 1976
The Mitridae of the World. Part 1. The subfamily Mitrinae. 3(17). Indo-Pacific Mollusca. 273-528pp
Chaster, G. W., 1896
Some new marine Mollusca from Tangier. Journal of Malacology. 5(1): 1-4
Species cited
Chen, C., Linse, K., Copley, J. T. and Rogers, A. D., 2015
The ‘scaly-foot gastropod’: a new genus and species of hydrothermal vent-endemic gastropod (Neomphalina: Peltospiridae) from the Indian Ocean. Journal of Molluscan Studies. 1–13
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Taxonomy of Arabian Bivalves. Part 2. A new species of Semele (Bivalvia: Tellinoidea). Journal of Conchology. 35(1): 33-36
Coles, B. F. & Nekola, J. C., 2007
Vertigo malleata, a new extreme calcifuge land snail (Gastropoda: Vertiginidae) from the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains of USA. The Nautilus. 121(1): 17-28
Cowie, R. H. & Thiengo, S. C., 2003
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Crosse, H., 1872
Diagnoses Molluscorum novorum. Journal de Conchyliologie. 20(3): 211-214
Species cited
Crosse, H., 1878
Description d’espèces nouvelles de Mollusques. Journal de Conchyliologie. 26(2): 166-169
Species cited
Crosse, H., 1895
Faune malacologique terrestre et fluviatile de la Nouvelle-Calédonie et de ses dépendances. Journal de Conchyliologie. 42(3 & 4): 161-473
Crowley, T. E., 1956
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D'Attilio, A. & Hertz, C., 1987
Comparison of Naquetia annandalei (Preston, 1910) and Naquetia barclayi (Reeve, 1857). The Festivus. 19(6): 56-60
Species cited
Dance, S. P., 1969
Rare Shells. London: Faber & Faber. 128pp
Dance, S. P., 1970
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de Folin, 1867
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Species cited
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Species cited
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Species cited
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A revision of the genus Savatieria Rochebrune & Mabille, 1885: an endemic group
of buccinulid gastropods from the Magellanic region
. Journal of Molluscan Studies. 1-10
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A descriptive catalogue of recent shells arranged according to the Linnean method; with particular attention to the synonymy. 1. London. 1-580pp
Species cited
Dillwyn, L. W., 1817b
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Species cited
Engl, W., 1998
New species of the Family Eulimidae from the Canary Islands - Part 3. Description of Fusceulima boscheineni n. sp. La Conchiglia. 289: 11-14
Species cited
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Descriptions of twenty species of Columbella, and one species of Cypraea. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 19(219), 1851: 2-14
Species cited
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Species cited
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Species cited
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Species cited
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Species cited
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Species cited
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Species cited
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Species cited
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Hoyle, W. E., 1885c
Preliminary Report on the Cephalopoda collected during the Cruise of H.M.S. “Challenger”. Part 1. The Octopoda. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 13: 94-114
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