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Devonia perrieri (Malard, 1904)

Galeommatoidea : Montacutidae

Tebble name: Devonia perrieri (Malard)
Smith & Heppell name: Devonia perrieri (Malard, 1904)

To size: To 5mm. Shell Structure: Thin. Equivalve: Equivalve. Equilateral: Inequilateral, beaks close to posterior end. Tumidity: Somewhat compressed. Outline: Subquadrate; anterior dorsal margin long, straight sloping gently to obliquely truncate posterior margin sloping backwards to slightly convex ventral margin, posterior broadly curved, slightly angular. Contour: Weakly sulcate either side of umbos.

Sculpture: Of co-marginal lines, some with radial linear inclusions within the shell. Margin: Inner margin smooth. Ligament: Internal very small on a shallow, posteriorly directed resilifer. Hinge: Without teeth but a faint tubercle present in some anterior of the resilifer. Pallial Musculature: Indistinct. Periostracum: Thin, transparent. Colour: White, some tinted brown and some with rust coloured deposit over umbos. Additional Characters: Animal frequently unable to completely withdraw into shell.

Distribution & Ecology

A commensal species using its sucker-like foot to adhere to the skin of holothurians of the genus Leptosynapta. From the low intertidal and shelf. Not commonly found but widespread.

Depth Range
Continental Shelf (to 200m)

Additional Information & Related Species

Key Features & Similar Species

The quadrate outline, posterior position of the beaks and small internal ligament are characteristic but its commensal association with Leptosynapta species is unique.

Related Species


Listed are literature citing Devonia perrieri (Malard, 1904). Reference containing the species Type Description is highlighted.

Bristow GA, Johannessen P, Berland B & Schander C 2010. Devonia perrieri (Malard, 1903) (Bivalvia) found in situ on the holothurian Leptosynapta inhaerens (Müller, 1776) in Norway. Fauna Norvegica. 30: 25-27.
Malard A E 1904. Sur un lamellibranche nouveau, parasite des synaptes. Bulletin Museum Paris. 9: 342-346.
Van Aartsen JJ 1996. Galeommatacea and Cyamiacea Part II. La Conchiglia. 281: 27-53, + 61.


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