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Lucinoma borealis (Linnaeus, 1767)

Lucinoidea : Lucinidae

Tebble name: Lucinoma borealis (Linnaeus)
Smith & Heppell name: Lucinoma borealis (L., 1758)

To size: To 39mm. Shell Structure: Solid. Equivalve: Equivalve. Equilateral: Inequilateral, beaks slightly to anterior. Tumidity: Tumid. Outline: Almost circular, posterior dorsal margin gently curved to a squared off posterior margin. Anterior margin concave, anterior margin points up. Contour: Slight posterior sulcus, short, shallow lunule.

Sculpture: Inconsistently-spaced concentric ridges. Margin: Smooth. Ligament: Long, mid-brown almost to posterior margin, lies on posterior dorsal margin. Hinge: Two cardinals in each valve, in RV posterior bifid, in LV anterior bifid. Remains of single anterior and posterior laterals just visible in both valves. Pallial Musculature: No pallial sinus. Pallial line continuous. Anterior adductor much more elongate and narrower than posterior. Periostracum: Thin, brown. Colour: White.

Distribution & Ecology

Low intertidal to shelf edge, in silty sand with reducing sediments.
Across the entire shelf.

Depth Range
Continental Shelf (to 200m)

Additional Information & Related Species


Listed are literature citing Lucinoma borealis (Linnaeus, 1767). Reference containing the species Type Description is highlighted.

Allen J A 1958. On the basic form and adaptation to habitat in the Lucinacea (Eulamellibranchia). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B. 241: 421-484.
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Linnaeus C 1767. Systema Naturae. Editio duodecima. 1. Regnum Animale Holmiae, Laurentii Salvii. 533-1327pp.


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