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Pectinoidea (500 - 5000m)

Ctenolium present
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Ctenolium absent
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Shell with commarginal undulations and very fine radial striations
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Glassy shells with antimarginal sculpture and commarginal rows of small vesicles.
Delectopecten vitreus
Radial sculpture distinct, riblets present of the right valve ear (Atlantic Margin)
Hyalopecten pudicus
Radial sculpture weak, ears smooth (Arctic)
Hyalopecten frigidus
With internal riblets
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Lacking internal riblets
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Exterior of left valve with narrow radial riblets
Parvamussium permirum
Exterior of left valve with commarginal lines only
Propeamussium lucidum
Radial rows of vesicles present on left valve
Cyclopecten hoskynsi
No radial macrosculpture
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Commarginal ridges or undulations present
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No commarginal sculpture
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Commarginal ridges over whole valve
Cuspidaria undata
Shell smooth except for few marginal undulations
Catillopecten eucymatus
No antimarginal microsculpture
Similipecten similis
Antimarginal sculpture present on at least part of a valve
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Antimarginal sculpture over whole of left valve
Similipecten greenlandicus
Sparse antimarginal sculpture restricted to umbo of left valve
Similipecten oskarssoni