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Robust shells with distinct, external, radial sculpture of riblets, ribs or plications, ctenolium present
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Thin to fragile glassy shells if radial sculpture present then ctenolium absent (mostly deep water)
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Valves equally convex
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One valve flat, the other convex
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14-17 well developed ribs
Pecten maximus
18-20 low weakly developed ribs (alien on stranded marine litter)
Euvola ziczac
Radial sculpture weak or very fine
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Radial sculpture of distinct ribs or undulations
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Shell with commarginal undulations and very fine radial striations (bathyal/abyssal)
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Shell lacking commarginal undulations
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Radial sculpture distinct, riblets present of the right valve ear (Atlantic Margin)
Hyalopecten pudicus
Radial sculpture weak, ears smooth (Arctic)
Hyalopecten frigidus
Sculpture the same on both valves, up to 50 smooth riblets, some shells becoming undulated.
Palliolum tigerinum
Sculpture on left valve stronger, up to 70 fine riblets bearing raised scales
Palliolum striatum
Radial sculpture plicate (undulations) with or without underlying radial riblets
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Radial sculpture of ribs or riblets only
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Ears almost equal in size, with or without underlying radial riblets
Pseudamussium peslutrae
Anterior ears much longer than posterior
Palliolum tigerinum
Sculpture of primary ribs and radial striations
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Sculpture of primary ribs and secondary smaller riblets
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Sculpture of 19-22 ribs, ears subequal
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Sculpture of 25-35 narrow ribs bearing flattened spines, easrs very unequal
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Ribs with radial striations
Aequipecten opercularis
Each rib bordered by a row of fine spines (alien on stranded litter)
Aequipecten heliacus
27-35 ribs, multi-coloured
Mimachlamys varia
41-48, white
Mimachlamys varia nivea
Disc elongate with up to 50 ribs of uneven size, becoming distorted and cemented after 10-20mm
Talochlamys pusio
Disc subcircular shell not distorted or cemented
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Shell with distinct primary (c.15) and secondary ribs and riblets (to 45) shelf edge/ bathyal
Karnekampia sulcata
Primary and secondary ribles of similar size, to 140 in large shells (boreal/arctic)
Chlamys islandica
Ctenolium present
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Ctenolium absent
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Thin often brightly coloured with antimarginal microsculpure only (shelf)
Palliolum incomparabile
Glassy shells with antimarginal sculpture and commarginal rows of small vesicles (shelf edge/bathyal)
Delectopecten vitreus
With internal riblets
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Lacking internal riblets
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Exterior of left valve with narrow radial riblets
Parvamussium permirum
Exterior of left valve with commarginal lines only
Propeamussium lucidum
Radial rows of vesicles present on left valve
Cyclopecten hoskynsi
No radial macrosculpture
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Commarginal ridges or undulations present
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No commarginal sculpture
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Commarginal ridges over whole valve
Cyclopecten ambiannulatus
Shell smooth except for few marginal undulations
Catillopecten eucymatus
No antimarginal microsculpture
Similipecten similis
Antimarginal sculpture present on at least part of a valve
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Antimarginal sculpture over whole of left valve
Similipecten greenlandicus
Sparse antimarginal sculpture restricted to umbo of left valve
Similipecten oskarssoni