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Veneroidea and venerid-like clams

Hinge teeth glossoid, cardinals not radiating from beaks
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Hinge veneroid, cardinals radiating from beaks
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Beaks coiled in adults, prosogyrous in quadrate juvenile
Glossus humanus
Beaks not coiled, prosogyrous, adults subsperical to elongate ovate
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Shell small less than 5mm, subspherical
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Shell elliptical to 20mm
Isorropodon mackayi
Escutcheon weak, lunule with faint demarcating line, posterior margin a continuous curve
Kelliella miliaris
Escutchen long and excavated, lunule strongly demarcated, posterior margin with a distinct junction between escutcheon and post ventral region
Vesicomya atlantica
Shell modioliform, single oblique cardinals
Coralliophaga lithophagella
Shell not modioliform, if reduced anteriorly then with at least two cardinal teeth in each valve
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No more than 2 cardinals in any valve
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With 3 cardinal teeth in LV, 3 or 2 in RV
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2 cardinal teeth in each valve, no lateral teeth, muscle scars similar in size and shape
Diplodonta rotundata
1 or 2 cardinal teeth in each valve, lateral teeth present, anterior adductor scar elongate larger than posterior
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Sculpture divaricate
Lucinella divaricata
Sculpture radial or commarginal
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Sculpture radial
Ctena decussata
Ligament deeply inset mostly internal
Loripes lucinalis
Ligament external lying on the dorsal margin
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Escutcheon and lunule excavated with denticles along their edges
Myrtea spinifera
Escutcheon and lunule edges not denticulate
Lucinoma borealis
3 cardinal teeth in LV, 2 in RV
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3 cardinal teeth in both valves
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Shell subcircular, pallial sinus deep, rising into umbonal cavity
Mysia undata
Shell elongate oval, strong anterior ribs (rock borer)
Petricolaria pholadiformis
Subcircular, solid becoming massive, posterior lateral present, pallial line entire
Arctica islandica
Subcircular, subovate to rhomboidal in outline, no laterals or with anterior lateral only
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Hinge with 3 cardinals in each valve lacking lateral teeth
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Hinge with 3 cardinals in each valve with a small anterior lateral
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Subovate to rhomboidal, inner margin smooth
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Subcircular to subovate shells, inner margin denticulate to crenulate
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Small subovate shells <4mm, reddish brown in colour, pallial line entire, intertidal
Turtonia minuta
Subovate to rhomboidal, pallial sinus present, if shell small then usually lacking colour and pallial sinus developed to some degree
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Shell oblong, narrower anteriorly, sculpture with commarginal lamellae and radial lines, pallial sinus short triangular
Irus irus
Shell oblong to rhomboidal, commarginal sculpture of lines and low ridges with or without radial elements, pallial sinus deep rounded
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Subovate-rhomboidal commarginal sculpture of fine smooth ridges and growth stops
Tapes rhomboides
Subovate to rhomboidal shells with some radial sculpture
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Sculpture decussate over whole shell
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Commarginal sculpture dominant over weaker radial striations
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Rhomboidal, posterior dorsal margin sloping gently, sculpture developed less over median area
Tapes decussatus
Subovate-rhomboidal, posterior dorsal margin sloping steeply, sculpture well developed over all of shell
Tapes philippinarum
Outline subovate, radial striations very weak, pallial sinus not confluent with pallial line
Tapes aureus
Outline rhomboidal, posterior becoming coirrugated, radial striations and grooves prominent, pallial sinus partly confluent
Tapes corrugata
Sculpture of radial ribs partially dissected by commarginal ridges
Timoclea ovata
Sculpture primarily commarginal of ridges to foliaceous
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Sculpture of widely spaced commarginal lamellae
Clausinella fasciata
Sculpture of closely spaced narrow ridges
Chamelea striatula
Outline subovate-trigonal or subovate
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Outline subcircular
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Outline subovate-trigonal, commarginal ridges, pallial sinus a slight indentation
Gouldia minima
Outline subovate, smooth, pallial sinus deep extending almost to midline
Callista chione
Inner margin denticulate, sculpture foliaceous
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Inner margin smooth, sculpture of commarginal low ridges
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Commarginal lamellae interupted by radial grooves, posterior becoming warty
Venus verrucosa
Commarginal lamellae , radial elements lacking
Venus casina
Posterior slope long, gently curved, sculpture low rather smooth, anterior margin slopes away from lunule
Dosinia lupinus
Posterior broadly rounded, sculpture rather rough, anterior margin rises to meet lunule
Dosinia exoleta