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Key to Thracia and Cochlodesma

Crack on umbonal region, lithodesma protrudes ventrally. Small juveniles may not exhibit a crack, but lithodesma will always protrude ventrally = Cochlodesma.
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No crack on umbo, lithodesma confluent with dorsal margin = Thracia.
If no crack but lithodesma is not confluent with dorsal margin and protrudes ventrally see above.
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Lithodesma is oval-shaped, shell outline oval/subtruncate
Cochlodesma praetenue
Lithodesma peg-like, shell outline subtrigonal
Cochlodesma tenerum
From Arctic: Iceland, Northern Norway, Sweden
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From British continental shelf
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Elongate, rostrate and truncate posterior
Thracia gracilis
Rounded triangular outline
Thracia myopsis
Rostrum on posterior, visible as a shaded area on dorsal side
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No rostrum on posterior and posterior end is longer than anterior
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Prominent moon-shaped lithodesma
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Short, thin lithodesma, often lost
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Pallial sinus is shallow
Thracia pubescens
Pallial sinus moderate - to beak
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Posterior margin broadly curved
Thracia villosiuscula
Posterior margin truncated/straight
Thracia phaseolina
Short, squat shell
Thracia convexa
Shell ovate/elongate
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Pallial sinus broad, points to anterior margin
Thracia villosiuscula
Pallial sinus narrow, points to dorsal margin
Thracia gracilis