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Lyonsia norwegica (Gmelin, 1791)

Pandoroidea : Lyonsiidae

Tebble name: Lyonsia norwegica (Gmelin)
Smith & Heppell name: Lyonsia norwegica (Gmelin, 1791)

To size: To 44mm. Shell Structure: Thin, fragile. Equivalve: Slightly inequivalve, LV encroaches on RV. Equilateral: Inequilateral, beaks to anterior. Outline: Ovate, truncated to posterior. Dorsal margin almost straight, to truncate posterior margin. Uneven, very broadly curved ventral margin to narrowly curved anterior margin. Anterior and posterior gape.

Sculpture: Concentric growth lines, radial lines. Margin: Smooth. Ligament: Internal, thin, pale brown, pointing at roughly 30° from dorsal margin to posterior. Hinge: Lithodesma in LV projecting posteriorly. No teeth. Pallial Musculature: Very shallow pallial sinus. Periostracum: Beige. Colour: White.

Distribution & Ecology

Widely distributed except apparently absent from the southern North Sea. Lives in muddy to silty sand across the shelf.

Depth Range
Continental Shelf (to 200m)

Additional Information & Related Species

Related Species

Pandoroidea : Lyonsiidae


Listed are literature citing Lyonsia norwegica (Gmelin, 1791). Reference containing the species Type Description is highlighted.

Gmelin J F 1791. Carli Linnaei systema Naturae per regna tria naturae. Editio decimatertia, aucta, reformata, Vermes Testacea 1 (6). Lipsiae. 3021-3910.


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