Online resources from National Museum Wales

  • Leafhopper, Planthopper and Psyllid Vectors of Plant Disease.
    Leverhulme Trust funded project to provide an authoritive guide to the leafhopper, planthopper psyllid vectors of phytoplasma and virus disease, using digital images of adult insects, taxonomic drawings of morphological features, and text on the biology and pest status of each species.
  • Marine Bivalve Shells of the British Isles.
    Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) funded project to produce an online identification guide to the Marine Bivalves of the British Isles. Marine Bivalve Shells of the British Isles

Leafhopper sites (Cicadellidae)

Froghopper sites (Cercopoidea)

  • COOL (Cercopoidea Organised On Line), managed by Adeline Soulier-Perkins for the froghoppers and spittlebugs (Cercopidae, Clastopteridae, Machaerotidae and Aphrophoridae

Planthopper sites (Fulgoroidea)

  • FLOW
    (Fulgoromorpha Lists on the Web) Developed by Dr Thierry Bourgoin of the Musée Nationale d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France and comprises an on-line database of planthoppers (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha). Its goal is to provide a synthesis of available biological published data on the world's planthoppers.

Cicada sites (Cicadoidea)

  • Cicadamania
    Website which includes a large gallery of photographs (over 600), videos, audio clips and other information about Cicadidae. Also included is a comprehensive bibliography of the cicadas.
  • University of Michigan
    Cicada page, with images, sound files and partial catalogue of UMNZ cicada holdings.

Sites covering multiple groups of Auchenorrhyncha

  • TYMBAL web site.
    News and information for researchers interested in leafhoppers, planthoppers, cicadas and their relatives.
  • ASCU
    (Agricultural Scientific Collections Unit of NSW Dept of Primary Industries, Australia) Developed by Murray Fletcher. It features illustrated keys and checklists to the Australian Auchenorrhyncha (Fulgoroidea, Cicadelloidea and Cercopoidea, with a checklist of Australian Cicadoidea) and includes fauna from neighbouring areas. Links to the NZAC website accesses the New Zealand fauna. In addition to the Tymbal Website, ASCU also carries the website of the Australian Entomological Society.
  • New Zealand Hemiptera.
    Website compiled by Marie-Claude Larivière. This site includes a checklist of NZ Auchenorrhyncha and an illustrated key to the NZ leafhopper and treehopper fauna.
  • Auchenorrhyncha of Central Europe
    Herbert Nickel's website (Ecology Group, Institute of Zoology and Anthropology, University of Göttingen) with information on the including a downloadable species list for Germany and some other material.
  • Japanese Auchenorrhyncha
    Keiji Morishima's Image page with high quality images of more than 200 planthoppers, leafhoppers, cicadas and spittlebugs, photographed live.
  • Gernot Kunz
    website featuring more than 140 high quality images of leafhoppers, planthoppers, spittlebugs and one cicada, photographed live. [in German]