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Shells distinctly asymmetric
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Shells more or less symmetrical
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Anterior ear lacking, anterior slope long and straight
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Anterior and posterior ears developed
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Radially striated with up to 100 riblets
Acesta excavata
With c.30 prominent ribs bearing small scales especially anteriorly
Lima marioni
With large anterior and posterior gapes
Limaria hians
Valves meeting all round
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Radial riblets prominent, median 20 strongest
Limaria loscombi
Small, not exceeding 5mm, shell glassy, with few radial striations (Biscay)
Limatula demiradiata
Hinge plate either side of ligament with denticles
Limea crassa
Hinge plate smooth
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Median riblets distinctly larger, expressed internally as a groove
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Median riblets not disproportionately developed
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Sculpture of the median riblet only, small shells <2mm
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Sculpture of numerous radial riblets
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Ears slightly projecting
Limatula gwyni
Ears indistinct
Limatula bisecta
Outline elliptical much narrower dorsally and ventrally
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Outline narrowly oblong
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Hinge line oblique, about 40 riblets, ears not well developed
Limatula celtica
Hinge line horizontal, about 50 riblets, ears prominent
Limatula subovata
Outline narrowly oblong, ears weak, 22-26 marginal crenulations
Limatula subauriculata
Outline oblong, ears distinct, 25-30 marginal crenulations
Limatula gwyni
Outline narrowly oblong, with about 38 fine radial riblets
Limatula thalassae
Outline oval with less than 33 riblets
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Anterior slope much straighter than posterior, 22-26 riblets
Limatula jeffreysi
Curvatures of anterior and posterior not noticeably discrepant, 27-33 riblets
Limatula margaretae